If dogs and cats could wear party hats they would be wearing them in Transylvania County!  The 2018 statistics are in for the Transylvania County Animal Shelter and the live release rate for 2018 is 93%. 

“Our shelter staff, volunteers and partner rescues have worked very hard to make sure that we are able to find homes for the animals that come into our care while also working collaboratively to make sure our citizens have access to spay and neuter services to prevent overpopulation.  I am continually impressed at how our staff remain steadily committed to employ those strategies so that we can achieve the best live release outcome possible,” Kevin Shook, Emergency Management Director and Department Head for Animal Services said.

According to Dr. Patricia Norris, Director of the Animal Welfare Section for the NC Department of Agriculture and Consumer Science, the statewide average live release rate for the last year that data was analyzed was around 51% in 2016.   The 93% for 2018 is an increase from the 85.5% rate in 2017 for Transylvania County.

“Our Board of Commissioners have been very supportive of Animal Services as we have implemented new procedures and programs since late 2015.  Our shelter is legally required to comply with regulation, but the live release rate indicates our commitment to going above and beyond what is required by regulation in our care of our community’s animals.  The staff commitment to excellence and the quality leadership of Kevin Shook, our county 2018 Department Head of the Year is evidenced in this achievement,” County Manager Jaime Laughter said.

Generally a live release rate of 90% or greater is considered to be eligible to define themselves as a no kill shelter.