Goal #1

The local economy has a more diversified tax base, an increase in living wage jobs and has more stability. The community has capitalized on the unique quality of life and environment unique to the area.

Strategy 1A:
Provide coordinated customer service across the development process from planning, building and environmental health to make personal and business investment a positive experience.

Amount of additional investment, Amount of reinvestment from existing business; % split between industrial- commercial-residential shows diversity in the tax base.

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Education for the public on how to develop property residential AND commercial
  • Professional development beyond state mandated
  • Tell the story of why people would want to invest here
  • Incentives for businesses to locate

Strategy 1B:
Plan, advocate and provide for infrastructure to support economic development and to make the community a desirable place to live and work.

# of Additional jobs in community by sector; improvement in the average wage for county; unemployment rate as participation rate at or below state average

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Need more buildings for expanding businesses
  • Evaluate infrastructure needs against buildable land area to prioritize capital projects
  • Invest in a county owned business park
  • Sewer capacity and ability to extend water and sewer to sites for development
  • Invest in world class internet
  • Collaborate regionally on infrastructure issues and planning
  • Allocate county funds for transportation services in order to promote economic development
  • Work with city, town to maximize revenue
  • Educate partners on the importance of transportation to economic development
  • Reinstitute the shuttle between Rosman and Brevard
  • Coordinate park and ride facilities

Strategy 1C:
Protect the community sense of place by balancing growth and maintaining high levels of community social infrastructure like parks, quality education, tourism, etc.

Occupancy rates in hotels and overall rentals; TOA visitor ship

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Identify sense of place and comprehensive plan to detail types of desired development
  • Facilitate nonprofit collaboration


The educational environment facilities learning and students are being prepared for a successful future. There are more available resources for enhancing education for all ages.

Strategy 2A:
Provide resources to support quality educational opportunities with a standard of excellence.

Become work ready community certified; graduation rates of charter schoot public school and BRCC; # of BRCC students/TCPS graduates getting jobs in county after graduation

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Develop a funding formula for current funding and revise every 3-5 years
  • Work with the School Board to identify capital needs and program major expenditures with defined funding strategies
  • Facilitate civic groups with students to help direct mentorship and career education (Existing programming through co-op, soil and water)
  • Provide training on how to start a business
  • Develop a focus group to look at how to keep students educated here in the work force after graduation

Strategy 2B:
Provide support resources that eliminate barriers to receiving education.

# of kids who qualify for free and reduced lunch programs; # of kids utilizing free and reduced lunch vs qualify; % children scoring ready for kindergarten at entry; Funding per student ranking across state remaining in top quartile; Test achievement


The community has vibrant nodes of economic and civic activity that create a draw for tourism as well as a platform for community engagement.

Strategy 3A:
Support infrastructure that facilitates the visitor's unique experience of our community and encourages them to visit again.

# of visitors staying and distribution rates throughout year; non-residential tax base by community

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • County wide wayfinding signage to direct visitors around to attractions and to other destinations
  • Conference center to attract off season visits
  • Support and plan for bike facilities outside of parks
  • Support new recreational opportunities (Ecusta Trail?, French Broad River?)
  • County embracing tourism, outdoor recreation, etc. as part of a marketing plan to show quality of life
  • Support temporary park and ride facilities for special events
  • Identify a community coordinator for tourism activities

Strategy 3B:
Support community involvement in civic activities across demographics and geographies.

Voter rates; # volunteers/capita

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Facilitate understanding between new and existing residents, explore urban vs rural differences
  • Identify locations to support as active nodes
  • Develop partnerships with community centers to support and reach citizens county wide

Strategy 3C:
Protect and preserve cultural heritage and promote arts in the community.

# of year round programs, events and concerts especially Founders Day, Twilight and Halloween Fest; attendance records

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Engage community centers in cultural discussion
  • Coordinate the different groups concerned with the current and past culture
    Activity Measure: Number of visitors at arts and cultural events/locations, tickets sales, hits on community calendar website, number of properties preserved
  • Advance fiscal stability with grants and finances
    Activity Measure: Value of Grants received for arts and cultural programs


The wealth of natural resources in Transylvania County have been well managed and maintained to support the local economy and quality of life with plans in place to assure sustainability.

Strategy 4A:
Protect and preserve natural resources with long term management plans including water, air and forest resources to insure long term sustainability.

Acreage in present use value; acreage in conservation as % of total compared to other counties; Trail miles in compliance with national standards

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • County-City-Town partnership to review and update existing policies and discuss future water quality and use
    Activity Measure: Amount of water available
  • Consider local financial support for trail maintenance in state/federal parks
  • Encourage green companies to locate
  • Work to increase acreage in conservation
  • Work with regional entities on water access, water quality and infrastructure
    Activity Measure: Economic measure of recreational draw, water monitoring from state
  • Fund the removal of dead trees in areas subject to funding
    Activity Measure: Number of complaints about erosion, water quality
  • Provide brochures about recycling in Spanish
  • Work with private land owners on natural resource preservation for those sensitive resources identified in the County Comprehensive Plan

Strategy 4B:
Educate the public on environmental concerns and best practices.

Increase in recycling % of total waste

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Hire a county position responsible for coordination and education
  • Support programs to educate and preserve wildlife
  • Advocate for policies at the state and national level that promote forest maintenance, preservation of forested area, signage directing to local non-forest attractions, trail maintenance,
  • Promote outdoor education such as Muddy Sneakers, Cradle of Forestry, Holmes Educational State Forest, 4-H, Pisgah Wildlife Center, and Brevard College Outdoor Program
  • Bridge education of differing interests including hunting, recreation, wildlife observation, etc.
  • Establish claim to Transylvania County water resources by educating the public with technical materials showing need


The community's quality of life includes resources that promote health, transportation connectivity, a sense of place, cultural heritage and public safety.

Strategy 5A:
Provide framework for Prevention, Response, and Recovery for individual and community wide emergencies in Transylvania County.

Response times by county and district for EMSJ fireJ rescue squad; maintain or improve fire insurance rates

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Set standards for LEPC success including active non-county involvement and meeting frequency

Strategy 5B:
Provide resources, infrastructure and services that improve public health, mental health, wellness and safety to insure a vibrant community.

# of people using parks; # of people attending recreation programs; Improvements in community health assessment

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Off ramps for bicyclists in addition to bike lanes
  • Strategic coordination of all parks in the county
  • Research and pursue funding for transportation- grants or public/private options
  • Expand transit shuttle county wide
  • Expand connections to Asheville Airport, Hendersonville
  • Connect Brevard to region via bike/ped/greenways
  • Support and seek funding for existing bicycle plans such as NC 280 and US 64
  • Educate the public on multi-modal transportation and how to use it
  • Lobby for transportation projects from NCDOT, state legislators
  • Facilitate development of additional life care facilities
  • Partner with other entities on water and sewer infrastructure
  • Evaluate affordable housing and make plans to address needs including temporary housing needs
  • Develop nonprofit registration with annual reports on services
  • Work with the hospital to prevent loss of services in county
  • Advocate private, public-private investment in transportation services
  • Improve and maintain existing transportation options for safety and efficiency
  • Explore needs for policies/ordinances to enhance transportation
  • Hold regular county transportation focused meetings
  • Stay current on STIP submission Improve and create more bikes lanes and/or other bike infrastructure
  • Conduct bike facility inventory and draft improvement plan
  • Invest in low cost safety improvements such as signage
  • Support regional transportation projects that impact Transylvania County
  • Initiate early planning for light rail connections and stay abreast of light rail plans and strategies

Strategy 5C:
Preserve and educate about cultural heritage of the community.

# of historic sites; # of volunteers

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Spread awareness
  • Culture heritage as part of economic development "heritage tourism"
  • Tell the story in different ways
  • Conduct retiree specific study on needs of aging population to develop plans for aging in place
  • Signage system that identifies cultural heritage
  • Preserve history
  • Grant or provide funding for groups working on preservation

Strategy 5D:
Partner with existing agencies on community needs.

Increase # of interlocal agreements


County government is service driven, transparent and performance based with more active and engaged citizens.

Strategy 6A:
Provide facilities that allow for efficient service delivery to the public while creating a secure, inviting and customer friendly environment for customers and citizens.

Decrease time out of service due to maintenance/ construction; increase visits to website, social media

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Develop and make available maps of county buildings to direct customers on where to go
  • Uniform building signage interior and exterior
  • Helping People Understand the right office/ number to call

Strategy 6B:
Assure compliance with state mandates for service provision along with state regulatory requirements.

Audits and state reports on services identify fewer issues

Strategy 6C:
Provide sufficient resources to recruit and retain qualified professional staff, keep training current and minimize the expense of turnover to insure efficient organizational infrastructure.

Improved results on employee satisfaction survey;# of employees engaged in professional development

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Incentive for educational attainment
  • Develop and implement a long term training program; also possibly incorporate lynda.com
  • Have a plan for upcoming retirements in large numbers
  • Have standard exit interview questions and track results for reasons for leaving annually
  • Have an anonymous employee survey
  • Develop and implement a training program throughout the organization

Strategy 6D:
Enhance fiscal planning for public dollars while leveraging available revenues to the fullest.

Maintain Financial report designation; $ leveraged from grants, outside sources

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Advocate for state and federal funding stability
  • Develop a fund balance policy
  • Implement LEAN management training
  • Collaborate with other agencies to fund projects together
  • Implement benchmarking to show value of county tax compared to other like communities
  • Develop a long range capital improvements plan to prioritize investments in community and organizational infrastructure and develop fiscal schedules

Strategy 6E:
Provide timely, accurate, transparent and informative communication to the public and across the organization with superior customer service delivery.

# of customers reflecting satisfaction in surveys

Work Plan Activity/Potential Work Plan Activity:

  • Develop and make available who to call lists
  • Public service announcement screens in public building entry ways with current pertinent information
  • Expand communications plan to department specific plans
  • Have quarterly report information available to the public on data sets; develop annual report to the citizens
  • Credit Cards without a Fee
  • Make buildings feel more accessible to the public while maintaining security
  • Enhancing the customer service attitude
  • Information sharing across departments