Transylvania County Courthouse

Large and Small Courtroom Use Policy



The Transylvania County Board of Commissioners makes the large and small courtrooms available to individual groups or organizations within the community.Programs or activities conducted by the judicial system and County Commissioners have priority for use and are not subject to the provisions of this policy.


The courtroom may not be used for any activities likely to disturb regular judicial functions or for any unlawful purposes.The Board of Commissioners reserves the right to deny use of the facilities for any purpose or activity.


Before the courtrooms can be utilized by an individual group or organization, a request form must be obtained from the County Manager and completed.This request form will state the name of the requesting person, agency or organization and the date and time requested.


The request must be made at least one (1) week prior to the date of the activity.The County Manager has the authority to approve and deny requests.The County Manager will be responsible for notifying the person, group or organization of his decision.


A fee (to cover the cost of a deputy or deputies for security purposes) will be required at the time a reservation is made for the use of either courtroom.The rental fee is $25 per hour.


Each group using the courtroom assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage to the room and it contents.The authorized representative of the group submitting the application shall attend the event and be personally responsible for the groupís adherence to this policy.Any loss or damage must be promptly reported to the County Manager.


Attendance must be limited to the number set by local fire code regulations posted in each courtroom.


Persons attending a meeting are subject to all City of Brevard and Transylvania County regulations.Consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products are prohibited in the Courthouse.


Groups and individuals failing to comply with any part of this policy, or other established procedures of Transylvania County, may be denied further use of the facilities.


I have read and understand the policies stated above and I will ensure compliance by the group on whose behalf I have reserved a meeting space.



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